Interrogating The Quandary In The Admissibility Of Computer And Other Electronically Generated Evidence Under The Nigerian Law


  • Michael Obiora Ifeanyi Nwabuoku Ph.D
  • Jenigho Phillip Esavwede Ph.D


Interrogating, quandary, admissibility, computer and electronically generated evidence, Evidence Act, Nigeria.


The Evidence Act, 2011 which replaced the previous law was mute on the admissibility of computer and other electronically generated evidences, was passed in response to the pressing need for reform and the ensuing heated discussion. The 2011 Act was a significant step in revolutionizing Nigerian law and displacing the ingrained position that such documented evidence is not admissible. Computer-based technology has tremendously increased trade and information, thus it was only prudent to align our law with this new standard in accordance with international best practices. The purpose of this paper is to examine the limits of electronically generated evidence in Nigeria, the problems with admissibility and conditions, the difficulties encountered and possible.