Local Wisdom Of Lubuk Larangan In Maqashid Al-Sharia's Review On The Welfare Of Community Pidoli Lombang Village


  • Elwardi Hasibuan
  • Yurmaini


Local Wisdom; Lubuk Larangan; Maqashid Al-Shari'ah; Kesejahteraan


The purpose of this study is to analyze the management of the bottom of the prohibition in realizing sharia maqashid and its role in improving the welfare of society.  This research is qualitative research with an ethnographic approach and using case study methods. The source of research data was obtained through in-depth interviews with key informants, Government Officials, Indigenous Leaders, Managers of the Prohibition, Community Leaders and Naposo Nauli Bulung and Other informants who understand and relate to this research.  Other methods used to support interview results in informal FGD forums are field observation and documentation. The results showed that the practice of managing the bottom of the ban as one of the local wisdoms of the community in the management of river flows based on Religious / Islamic religious beliefs (maslahah) provides benefits in socio-economic aspects that are beneficial to the welfare of society and do not harm the environment by applying the principle of ecoefficiency (not exploiting beyond the limits).