Social media use in promoting indonesia's traditional foods during covid-19 pandemic



  • Santi Susanti
  • Dian Wardiana Sjuchro
  • Rachmaniar
  • Fitri Perdana


media communication, social media, influencer, culinary promotion


This study aims to reveal the use of social media in promoting traditional Indonesian cuisine in the East Priangan area during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is due to the large number of MSMEs affected by COVID-19. Government-imposed restrictions prohibit crowds and interactions, including face-to-face trading. This condition resulted in many sellers of goods and services whose turnover decreased drastically. Many of them gave up trying. However, social media helps small entrepreneurs to keep running their business. This study uses ma qualitative method with a case study approach to explore information about the use of social media in promoting traditional Indonesian culinary in the East Priangan area during the Covid 19 Pandemic. Primary data was collected through interviews with small and medium business actors and influencers/celebgrams who helped promote the potential of Indonesian traditional culinary. in the East Priangan area. Informants were selected purposively by using snowball sampling technique . Secondary data were collected through library sources and literature related to research. The results show that traditional culinary entrepreneurs in East Priangan use social media as promotional and marketing tools, as well as communication media with employees. For influencers, social media is used as a tool to help small and medium businesses promote their business.