Data Integration Model As Mandatory Of The Population Administration Law In Supporting The Implementation Of Case Settlement With A Restorative Justice Approach By The Prosecutor Of The Republic Of Indonesia


  • Dimas Sigit Tanugraha


Data Integration, Prosecutor's Restorative Justice, E-KTP.


This study aims to find a data integration model in supporting the process of resolving cases with restorative justice. Each law enforcer, both the police and the prosecutor's office, has its own rules for enforcing restorative justice. Settlement of cases based on restorative justice in its implementation requires a leading sector in this case the Prosecutor's Office as Dominus Litis (case controller), this is in accordance with the establishment of a restorative justice house carried out by the Prosecutor's Office in accordance with the Circular Letter of the Junior Attorney General for General Crimes No: B-913 /E/Ejp/03/2022 dated March 25, 2022. The house of restorative justice is a step so that each law enforcer does not issue regulations related to the settlement of cases based on a restorative justice approach. The settlement of cases with restorative justice has the main condition that the suspect or defendant has committed a crime for the first time. So far, law enforcers know that the suspect/defendant committed a criminal act, which for the first time only based the confession of the suspect/defendant who was not sworn in. This study uses a normative method which results in the conclusion that the integration model can be carried out using an application, chip/barcode on the Electronic Identity Card (E-KTP) so that a person's criminal record is recorded in the e-KTP. The mandate of the law on population administration Number 24 of 2013 in particular Article 8 Paragraph (1) letter a, namely that all important events must be recorded including criminal acts in this case included in important events so that they should be recorded in the Population Identification Number (NIK) e. -ID CARD. The recording of a person's criminal data in an e-KTP provides legal certainty to support the implementation of restorative justice by the Indonesian Attorney General's Office as a case controller.