Communication Between Islamic And Christian Youth In Ambon After The Conflict


  • Amelia Tahitu
  • Soni A. Nulhaq
  • Agus Rahmat
  • Soeganda Priyatna


communication, youth, islam, christian, ambon, post conflict


Research with the title of communication between Islamic and Christian youth after the Ambon conflict, that the phenomenon of communication between the Islamic-Christian youth community after the conflict in Ambon is an interesting concern, considering that Ambon City has experienced the phenomenon of social conflicts that have been slumped throughout history in this country, which caused a breakdown of communication in the community, especially among the youth. The hope of this research is, want toexplain, how the improvement of communication through sosial relationships and communication behaviors that occur among Islamic and Christian youth after the conflict in Ambon, namely how they (youth) of Islam and Christianity give meaning to  social reality, through verbal and nonverbal  communication in their natural setting, and  their daily  life and activities through communication behavior, and aims to describe the  problems of communication between them (youth)  islam and christianity in ambon post-conflict. This research was carried out considering that the issue of communication was an important essential need among Islamic and Christian youth in Ambon after the conflict. The subjects of the study were IslamicChristian youth in Sirimau, and Nusaniwe districts, in carrying out social interactions and or post-conflict communication. The descriptive and randomized research method   was selected by 25 islamic and christian youth informants in the two sub-districts of Sirimau and Nusaniwe. The stages of this research are divided into 3 parts, namely; preparation (preparing instruments), research licensing, conducting research, and publishing research results.