Development of Ict Learning Task Analysis About Microsoft Office Word on Jaws (Job Access With Speech) Application For Visually Impaired Students Class X At Slbn Pajajaran Bandung City



  • Euis Nani Mulyati
  • Raisa Sabatini
  • Irma Nuraeni
  • Naufal Irsan Sani O
  • Nurafifah Fitriani


Task analysis, Microsoft Office Word, JAWS, Visually Impaired


The rapid development of technology and informatics requires visually impaired students to adjust to these developments, one of which is the ability to access computers and master applications that can help and make it easier to learn various things so as to expand their knowledge and insights. A technique that allows the visually impaired to access a computer is Speech Technology, which is software that can be used by the visually impaired to access impressions on the monitor screen through their hearing, one of which is the JAWS (Job Access With Speech) application. In teaching IT to visually impaired students, a detailed step-by-step model of teaching materials is needed, known as task analysis. This is what drives the interest of researchers to examine more deeply the one formulated in the title above. This study uses a qualitative descriptive method where data is obtained through observation, interviews, documentation, FGD, validation, and trial results. Data from observations, interviews and documentation are analyzed and used as a basis for developing task analysis through collaborative collaboration between teachers and researchers in FGD activities. The validation test was conducted by teachers in 2 different schools and received positive responses and could be tested. The results of the trial show that the task analysis that has been developed can help visually impaired students learn Microsoft Office Word using the JAWS (job access with speech) application. It is especially recommended to teachers to add insight in compiling various innovative models of teaching materials in various subjects.