Empirical Evidences On Human Rights Violation Of Indigenous People Of Southern India: Major Findings And Suggestions


  • Dr. V. Prem Sam Ponniah, (PhD) Assistant Professor in Human Rights School of Law, Arba Minch University


Human rights, Indigenous People, Irula Tribes, South India


The problems relating to human rights of indigenous people are varied nature. The author had identified to study five areas of human rights which  are categorized as follows: Right to live as human beings with dignity and Equality; Right to Land and natural Resources; Right to work and fair wages; Right to Housing and basic amenities; Right to health Including eradiation of Huger and Malnutrition. The methodology of this study is based on both descriptive and analytical research. A pilot study was conducted with a sample size of 30 respondents to check and modify the formulated questionnaire. The author had collected data from 410 Sample of Primitive Tribes of semi-nomadic plain groups, particularly the Irulas from 36 hamlets/ villages, Kancheepuram Districts of Tamil Nadu (South India).