Status and Function of Social Institutions in Law on Governing Aceh



  • Retno Saraswati
  • Nabitatus Sa’adah
  • Delfi Suganda


Filling positions, social institutions, Aceh


The purpose of this article is to explain the differences in the filling of positions in the social institution mentioned in Law Number 11 of 2006 concerning the Government of Aceh, of the many institutions mentioned in the law, this article only compares three social institutions, including the Oversight Committee Aceh Election (Panwaslih Aceh), Independent Electoral Commission (KIP) and Wali Nanggroe Institution. This article uses doctrinal research, which prioritizes primary sources in the form of laws and regulations, books, and journals. The results of this study indicate that there are several differences in the filling of positions in these social institutions, namely the Aceh Election Supervisory Committee (Panwaslih Aceh) and the Aceh Independent Electoral Commission (KIP Aceh) are influenced by external factors from the two social institutions, while the Wali Nanggroe Institute is in the process of filling the Wali Nanggroe position is not influenced by external institutions and influences from other branches of power, namely the executive and legislative branches. Second, even though the three social institution institutions are regional products, there will be differences in the regulations governing the three institutions. The Aceh Election Monitoring Committee (Panwaslih Aceh) and the Aceh Independent Electoral Commission (KIP Aceh) are politically influenced by national regulations because the two institutions have working relationships with similar institutions at the national level. Meanwhile, the regulations of the Wali Nanggroe Institution are limited to regional regulations because this institution does not have a similar institution at the national level.