Collaboration Between Government And Indigenous Peoples For Forest Conservation And Preventing Deforestation: Study On The Datuk Sinaro Putih Indigenous Forest In Indonesia


  • Ridwan Muara Bungo University, Indonesia
  • Afrizal Andalas University, Indonesia
  • Siti Maryam Muara Bungo University, Indonesia
  • Astika Ummy Athahirah Institute of Home Affairs Governance, Indonesia
  • Candrianto Polytechnic Academy of Industrial Technology, Padang, Indonesia
  • Susi Puspita Sari NU Islamic Education College (STITNU) Sakinah Dharmasraya, Indonesia


Government, indigenous people, collaboration, forest conservation, deforestration


This article focuses on the study of collaboration between the government and indigenous peoples in protecting customary forests from deforestation. The collaboration between the government and indigenous peoples has a very big role in protecting customary forests from deforestation and destruction. In addition, this effort is a real action in overcoming environmental problems and climate change. Interviews were conducted with traditional and community leaders in the Datuk Sinaro Putih area, the board of the customary forest management institution, the Datuk Sinaro Putih customary forest mapping team from the Bungo Regency Government, and KKI Warsi (Local NGO). Government - indigenous peoples collaboration in forest conservation to prevent deforestation in the Datuk Sinaro Putih indigenous forest is manifested in several forms, namely the Bungo Regent as an exemplary and leading figure in protecting customary forests, local governments and communities collaborating with Cifor to legalize customary forest areas, forest guard groups Adat who is persistent in protecting customary forests, strong customary structures as social capital in protecting customary forests, and a bio carbon fund (Bio Cf) program for the protection of customary forests.