Mapping Of Worldview For Legislations And International Policies To Protect Women Rights



  • Korakod Tongkachok
  • Dr Isaac Tweneboah Agyei
  • Samira Khan
  • Dr. Walaa Rezk
  • Amna Juma’a Qazaq


Social condition, Women's rights, Lack of nutrition, human trafficking, Social indicators, Developing countries, Political focus, United Nations


The minimum age of individuals for marriage is one of the main factors which must be given high importance in protecting the rights of women. Domestic violence is relatively higher in the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa along with the nations of Southern Asia which must be prevented by the effective implementation of international regulations regarding rights and safety of women. Prevention of child prostitution along with the prevention of the sale of the girl child is the most vital issue faced by the Sub-Saharan African nations which can be resolved by the maintenance of the international regulations designed by the United Nations on the protection of the right of women. Effective maintenance of the measures suggested in convention no.183 regarding maternity protection can lead to significant improvement the societies in maternity protection