Legal Divorces During the Pandemic in the Religious Court of Sukoharjo, Indonesia



  • Rano Wandana
  • Fairuz Sabiq
  • Indah Nurhidayati


Divorce, COVID-19 Pandemic, Sukoharjo


The purpose of this research is to describe and explain the meaning of divorce, the impact of divorce, the causes of divorce, and efforts to reduce divorce in PA Sukoharjo. This research method is descriptive qualitative with seven research subjects consisting of five widows and two widowers who experienced divorce during the pandemic at Sukoharjo PA. The results of this study are the emergence of divorce between husband and wife can have a major impact on the social status of women in society. Even though the marriage bond between husband and wife has been broken, the position and both parties towards children are the same in terms of maintenance and care education for children until the child is married or have grown up. Divorce in Sukoharjo PA was caused by infidelity, domestic violence, disputes and fights, as well as economic factors (the double burden of a wife and husband not providing a living). Divorce can have a negative impact on a child's psychological condition. Reducing divorce cases can be done by limiting the age of marriage, pre-marital counseling for prospective brides, and effectiveness of the KKB (Population and Family Planning) and PK (Family Development) program activities.