Contradictory legal judgments A study in the Jordanian Civil Procedure Code


  • Dr.Mashal Mufleh jarrah Assistant Professor, faculty of law, Amman Arab University, Jordan.
  • Dr. Mohamed F. Ghazwi Deputy Dean of Faculty of Law, Al-Zaytoonah University, Jordan


Judgment, contradiction, pronouncement.


The purpose of issuing judgments is to protect rights. Courts may issue many judgments, and these judgments may contradict each other, or a single judgment may contradict its parts, and in order for the contradiction to be considered, there must be a union in the subject, the reasons, and the parties. By contradicting the provisions and clarifying the forms of contradiction with these provisions, the researcher used the descriptive-analytical approach by analyzing the legal texts related to the subject of the study and the comparative approach In order to enrich the study and reach the desired results, and the researcher reached a number of results and recommendations, one of the most important results for the contradiction to be considered, there must be two judgments, one of which is issued in contrast to the other between the same opponents and for the same reason and subject.