Application of Due Diligence Principles in Space Exploration

Edmondus Sadesto Tandungan ,Judhariksawan ,Marthen Napang ,Syamsuddin Muhammad Noor
Keywords: Application, Due Diligence Principle, Space Exploration. ,


In general, the Due Diligence Principle is a precautionary standard that mus be
applied to access a state’s compliance with international obligations. Due Diligence Principle
can be one of the foundations for the state in carrying out its various international activities.
One of the international activities that can be carried out by the state is space exploration
as regulated in the Outer Space Treaty 1967. In its development, space exploration can also
have a negative impact on other states, both in the economic, social, politicial, and security
fields. Although the application of this principle is still limited to various fields of international
law, the Due Diligence Principle can basically also be applied in space exploration,
considering the large impact that can be used by space exploration activities. For this reason,
the application of Due Diligence Principle in space exploration is very important, because
through this principle space exploration can be carried out in accordance with the
international obligations of a state and not cause harm to other state.