Measuring and Analyzing the Impact of Private Investment on Unemployment Rates in Iraq (2006-2017)

Ass.Prof. Dr. Ezat Sabir Esmaee ,Lava Aras Ibrahim
Keywords: private investment spending, unemployment rates, gross domestic product, Iraq. ,


Private investment spending is one of the leading economic variables in the process
of growth and development in many countries of the world, whether developed or
developing, and the reason for the increasing importance of this variable is its impact and
effectiveness the gross domestic product (GDP), create job opportunities and reduce the
unemployment rate, and the like. Thus, it is encouraged by the decision makers. The aim
of this study is to analyze the impact of private investment spending on reducing the
unemployment rate in Iraq. To achieve this goal, we adopted the standard analytical method
(short-term and long-term estimates based on the available data from 2006 to 2017. Finally,
several conclusions have been drawn. one of them is that the unemployment rate is largely
influenced by investment expenditure in Iraq.