Enhancing the Right to Tourism for Local People in Era Covid19: Study Concerning Tourism Sectors Regulation

Deli Bunga Saravistha ,Ni Ketut Supasti Dharmawan ,Nyoman Gede Surya Mataram ,Kadek Januarsa Adi Sudharma ,Ketut Sukadana
Keywords: Right to tourism, Covid-19, Tourism, Regulation ,


This study aims to examine and analyze the rules and regulation regarding the right
to tourism based on international law and the Indonesian legal perspective. It also discusses
about the lesson learned during the Pandemic Covid-19 in enhancing and facilitating the
right to tourism for local people. This is a normative legal research using statutory approach
and conceptual approach. The study shows that the right to tourism has been acknowledge
in both international law and Indonesian law and its derivative. Therefore, the lesson learned
during the Pandemic Covid-19 is enhancing and facilitating of the right to tourism shall be
fulfilled in any condition, hence the stakeholders shall provide the fulfillment of right to
tourism, especially for local people