Organizational Transformation at Regional General Hospital of Prof. Dr. H. M. Anwar Makkatutu, Bantaeng Regency

Muhajir ,H Akib ,R Niswaty
Keywords: implementation, determinant, organizational transformation, hospital ,


Hospital organizational transformation as an adaptation process for its existence.
Hospitals can no longer maintain the status quo and are forced to change or move because
otherwise their survival will be threatened. Regional General Hospital (RGH) of Prof. dr.H.M.
Anwar Makkatutu has undergone a transformation journey from class changes from class D
to class C and from class C to class B, the hospital has also changed financial management
by implementing the Financial Management Pattern of the Regional Public Service Agency,
but a number of indicators do not show optimal performance. The objectives of study to
describe the implementation, identify of determinant factors and describe the hospital
organizational transformation strategy. The method used in this research is descriptive with
a qualitative approach. The informants of this study consisted of structural officials, the head
of the installation and staff. This study collects primary data and secondary data. The results
showed that RGH Prof dr. H. M. Anwar Makkatutu had implemented a transformation
referring to 10 steps which completed the 8 steps of transformation according to Kotter and
brought changes to the structure, culture and increased number of types of services.
Organizational culture factors and transformative leadership have influenced Prof dr. H. M.
Anwar Makkatutu Hospital to transform. Finding strategies for better transformation with
quality improvement activities through accreditation and by developing business strategies.