Street Vendors Income in Malioboro and Surrounding Areas After Relocation

Rosa Nikmatul Fajri ,Nor Azah Abdul Aziz ,Siti Norbaya Binti Yahaya ,Muhammad Fahmi
Keywords: relocation, street vendors, income ,


The government's relocation of street vendors affects the income generated
by street vendors in the Malioboro area. The study was conducted by taking a
sample of 50 traders affected by relocation using a random sample. The mix method
is used to determine the relationship between the variables of relocation time, types
of merchandise, and promotional media used on income before relocation, during
relocation, one month after relocation and 2 months after relocation. We found that
there was a large influence between the time of relocation on income and the effect
decreased by 25% in the first and seccond month post-relocation period.
Promotional media and types of goods have also been shown to have an effect on
the income level of street vendors