Reading Beginnings Based on Sensory Integration

Nenden Ineu Herawati ,Widia Nur Jannah ,Ahmad Gunawan ,Siti Nurhasanah Munawaroh ,Mahpudin ,Mila Andanawarih ,Nana Setiana ,Liyana Sunanto
Keywords: Beginning Reading, Sensory Integration Based. ,


Learning methods for early reading for children who are just learning to read or for
children who have difficulty learning to read, many types have been carried out but have not yet integrated sensing (sensory) functionality. This paper describes a learning model for
early reading that uses sensory integration in an integrated manner. To make early reading
learning effective which can overcome difficulties in learning to read early, the aim is to get
an overview of the effectiveness of the sensory integration model in learning to read
beginning to six (6) students who have difficulty learning to read beginning. The method
used is descriptive method. The results showed that the initial reading ability of the 6
students experienced an increase in being able to identify letters, read syllables, read simple
words and sentences. As the initial reading ability that should be owned by students who
have received early reading learning. Therefore, it is recommended for teachers who face
students who have difficulties in learning, not only in learning to read, the sensory
integration model can be applied, to overcome this, it can also be applied to students who
are just learning to read at the beginning.