The Spread of Radical Terrorism in Kosovo through social media

Arian Kadriu ,Dritero Arifi
Keywords: Republic of Kosovo, Violent Extremism, Imams, Online radicalisation, Jihad ,


This paper aims to analyse the impact of social media on the spread of radical
terrorism. This impact is first explored as a general concept and then in Kosovo. An important
issue is an impact that imams have had on the radicalisation of the people of Kosovo,
especially regarding the content of videos, where imams indirectly persuade young people
to revolt. Six categories are used to describe the process of radicalisation such as
propaganda, which includes recruiting, radicalising, inciting terrorism, then financing,
planning, covert communications, open-source information, execution, and finally, cyberattacks. Finally, conclusions are given, both on what should be done now and the impact of
radicalisation on Kosovar society.