Corruption in Islam and Islamic Low

Sarmad Riyadh Abdel Hadi
Keywords: corruption, Islam, Islamic low, Censorship. ,


Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. corruption has become
a problem of the times, where its destruction has become widespread and has become a
phenomenon that affects all countries and thus poses a threat even to the international
community because it hinders development programs and affects the interests of the people,
as it undermines the new government and distorts the public policy of the state and leads
to poor monitoring and distribution of resources .Islamic law was the first to diagnose the
disease and showed the medicine, and took all methods to combat it and reduce it, but it
does not end completely because it is related to the behaviors of individuals and groups.
Censorship is one of the basic strategies that Islam has come up with for the purpose of
correcting the work of the administration and achieving justice and equality. Putting good
leaders who are good role models in the jobs that suit them because they will serve as a
means of reducing administrative corruption.