Measuring the Elasticity of Demand for the Consumer Basket Components in Jordan1

Abdelhalim Mohammad Jubran ,Khaled Mohammed Al-Sawaie
Keywords: income elasticity of demand, price elasticity of demand, consumer basket, household budget, available income, and elasticities factors. ,


This study aims at measuring the income elasticity of demand based on a survey of
the household income and expenditure in the Jordanian economy for the period 2017-2018.
And in order to measure the income elasticity of demand, the researchers used the simple
linear modelHowever, the researchers anticipated that the increase in the household income
would lead to an increase in commodities consumption: in return for the possibility of
reducing the consumption, by increasing the price of the commodity. The study reached a
set of results, by measuring the income elasticity of demand for 77 types of commodities
and services: such as the convergence between the consumer response to the movement of
each income and price among the commodities in the Jordanian economy and in other
countries, where fresh fish is on the list of luxury commodities among fish and meat.
What explains this is the shortage of this commodity offered quantities in the
Jordanian market and its high prices. Thus, the presence of very low-income elasticity of
'garlic' commodity at the level (0.092), which indicates that this commodity cannot be
abandoned in case of low income.