Direct Constitutional Lawsuits

Dr. Hashim Ahmed Mohammad Balas
Keywords: constitutional lawsuit, Constitutional Court, individual liberties ,


The study indicated Fundamental guarantees of rights and liberties come in different
forms, some of which are realistic and attempt to improve the state of affairs so that people
can enjoy their rights and freedoms. The constitution is the pinnacle of the legislative
pyramid and cannot be disregarded. When passing new laws, lawmakers must consider the
constitution's provisions. As a result, these laws' constitutionality must be scrutinized. The
researcher will focus on judicial oversight, particularly concerning the methods of filling
constitutional cases. He will also discuss the direct lawsuits, Based on the foregoing, the
study reached several results, the most important of which are: establishing a constitutional
court tasked with overseeing the constitutionality of laws is, in essence, a success that merits
praise, as the court's existence is regarded as a guarantee of the rights and liberties that
the constitution comes with.