Administrative Detention in Light of Human Rights

Dr. Hashim Ahmed Mohammad Balas
Keywords: Administrative Detention, Human Rights, human rights violations. ,


The significance of this study lies in the fact that the competencies granted to
administrative rulers are discretionary procedures and constitute a direct violation of the
peoples' freedom; therefore, it must be practiced to the narrowest limits and adherence to
the legal rules that organized this exceptional jurisdiction. As a result, this law has come
under fire from various groups, with some calling for its repeal and others for the amendment
of specific provisions. The most important finding of the study is that the law, He also granted
the governor the right to sign all kinds of precautionary measures under the Crime
Prevention Law, namely binding a pledge, bail, imprisonment, imprisonment, or placement
under police control (house arrest) without restriction. The Jordanian legislator has also
subjected the governor's decisions under the Crime Prevention Law to be challenged before
the Administrative Court to ensure the legitimacy of these decisions and their consistency
with the provisions of the law.