The event and the inevitability of change in the design of interior spaces

Muntaha Abdel-Nabi Hassan ,Faten Abbas Lafta
Keywords: event, change, design, space, interior, system, function, hospitals. ,


The problem of change in the field of interior space design is at an important
place in the literature of interior design and architecture, with its axes related to
flexibility, expansion and change in the systems of interior spaces and at several
levels whose effects range according to approaches that explain this act as an
imperative in the performance of the design system and its direction, which can
explain the nature of the internal space as it is a tight system of relationships that
explain the role of change in those systems, which represents one of the most
important basic tasks that we seek by the designer and resulting from his knowledge
of the nature of hospital spaces and their employment in framing their functional
character by translating their space requirements and employing the possibilities and
various techniques and methods in a different way from what we find in most other
spaces to move towards the concept of functional projections, using visions and ideas
to move towards a concept that translates the health buildings of our country, which
has become an important requirement on which the need for change has been based
to keep pace with the requirements of the current event.