The political features in interactive theater performances, (Tale of overseas as amodel)

Dr. Musaab Ibrahim Mohammed ,Omer Asaad Mohammed Sheet Al-Ghazal


Intellectual effectiveness is one of the concepts that has proven its distinguished
role in various fields of life, including the arts in general, and theatrical art in particular. As
it is possible to benefit from the mechanisms of its work followed in the works of the
theatrical field, which contributes to the development of the show according to its returns
achieved in the fields of life, including the political aspects and its presentation and treatment
intellectually and performance in the political and interactive theatrical performance, The
benefit from employing it is greater and more effective, because it achieves intellectual
treatments and realistic proposals in a visual theatrical manner, and the treatment is carried
out with the participation and presence of the spectator simultaneously, in addition to the
subsequent treatments that follow outside the theater, Thus, the method of working
according to the principles and characteristics of the political and interactive theater is one
of the goals that achieve social and political reform alike.
Therefore, the current research included four chapters. The first chapter dealt with
the research problem, which was represented in (the political features in the interactive
theater performances). The first chapter also included the importance of the research, its
goal and its limits, and ended with defining the terms. The second chapter included
(theoretical framework), the first topic (political theater), and the second topic (interactive
theatre). The third chapter included the research sample, the research tool, the research
and analysis method for the presentation of the play (Migrant Story), and the fourth chapter
included the results of the analysis, the most important conclusions, recommendations and
suggestions. and list of sources.