Demonstrate the characteristics of the tactile values of plastic art in women's fashion designs

Dr. Nedi Mahmood Ibrahim Al_Nuaimi
Keywords: texture values. Fine Art. Fashion design ,


Texture is an important element of the plastic artwork, and the artist paid attention
to the value of texture as an aesthetic and expressive value. The research aims to reveal
the employment of texture in women’s fashion by identifying the expressive and aesthetic
aspects of this element in fine art, and identifying the different methods of treating this
element and its impact on motivating those interested in the field of women’s fashion
designs, Hence, the research was directed to study the topic (showing the characteristics of
the tactile values of fine art in women’s fashion designs), which deals with the research
problem based on the imposition of the following question:
What are the characteristics of tactile values that can be highlighted through plastic art?
The aim of the research included employing the characteristics of the tactile values
of plastic art in order to enrich the designs of women's fashion.
As for the limits of the research, they were limited to the adoption of women’s
fashion completed within the time period (2022) and available in the markets of different
origin, according to selection considerations and within the limits of the research and its
procedures, The theoretical framework dealt with the characteristics of tangible values
between women's fashion designs and plastic art.
The research procedures were determined by taking the descriptive approach to
analyze the samples of the three (3) models, and their selection was according to what
serves the objectives of the research. The researcher reached the most important
conclusions as follows:
The tactile variables are realized as a conditional act resulting from the method of
printing and weaving with multiple patterns or through the effectiveness of the light values
and their effects on the design building due to the contrasts between the dark and light
spaces that achieve a sense of the space depth of women's fashion.