The Effect of Personality Traits on Lecturer Competences in the Public Sector Universities of Pakistan

Moazam Shahwar ,Halimah Abdul Manaf
Keywords: Personality Traits; Lecturer Competences; Public Universities; Pakistan ,


This study's goal was to investigate the effect of personality traits on lecturer
competences of the public universities lecturers in Pakistan. The population of this study
consisted of lecturers from 16 large public universities in Pakistan, and 500 people were chosen
as a sample using a systematic random sampling technique. The study used a quantitative,
cross-sectional research design. Data was gathered using standardized questionnaire
by online Google form method. To assess the data in accordance with the suggested
hypothesis, Smart PLS-SEM was used. Findings of the current study are that extraversion has
a negative effect with lecturer competence but on the other hand neuroticism, openness,
agreeableness and conscientiousness have positive effect with lecturer competence. By
implementing a variety of innovative techniques and strategies, the study will help higher
education institutions develop through the adoption of skilled human resources