Research on Piano Accompaniment for Modern Chinese Art Songs

Xiaoyu Chen ,Suvida Neramit-Aram
Keywords: Chinese art songs; Piano accompaniment ,


The formation and development of modern Chinese art songs have gone
through a series of exploration of nationalization of harmony, localization of melody
and sinicization of piano accompaniment, which not only shows the technique of
composing art songs in China, but also reflects the increasing improvement of the
level of piano music composition. On this condition, this paper will take "piano
accompaniment of Chinese art songs" as the research object, from the perspective
of musicology, literature, aesthetics, management, philosophy and other
disciplines, on the basis of collecting and organizing literature, field research,
questionnaires and field interviews to obtain first-hand information, to study the
development history, composition characteristics, structural characteristics, tonal
characteristics and composers of piano accompaniment of Chinese art songs. It
also presents the influence and value of piano accompaniment for Chinese art
songs, points out the current problems of piano accompaniment for Chinese art
songs, proposes corresponding solutions, and makes suggestions for the future
development of piano accompaniment for Chinese art songs.