Sign Manipulations Adopted by the Producer, Scriptwriter and Director in Episodes White Deer Plain

Yiqing Lin ,Thawascha Dechsubha
Keywords: producer, director and the scriptwriter; sign manipulations; White Deer Plain ,


This article aimed to study the sign manipulations by the producer, director and the
scriptwriter in the White Deer Plain. The sign manipulations by the producer, director and the
scriptwriter plays a very important role in the production of the whole TV series. It can be said
that the sign manipulation by the director and the scriptwriter lays the core of the whole version
of White Deer Plain TV series, which is related to the selection of actors, the development of the
plot and the success or failure of the audience rating of the whole TV series. But here we have
to mention a more important role is the project investment of the TV drama, the operation of
the capital of the TV drama. In general, the sign manipulation in White Deer Plain of TV series
starts from the producers and producers, followed by the screenwriters and directors
participating in the second level of sign manipulation, and finally, the three-level sign
manipulations at the actor level are presented in front of the audience. To be more specific, in
the first level of sign manipulations, we can clearly see that sign manipulations exists before the
production of the drama. The primary sign manipulations are decided by presenters and
producers, so capital operation plays an important role in the shooting process of a TV play,
which is related to the capital operation and quality of a TV play. The second level of sign
manipulations are the participation of the scriptwriter and the director. The scriptwriter firstly
sorts out and reconstructs the plot of the original work. The scriptwriter adapts and delete the
plots in the novel with magical color and unsuitable for communication in the mass media, and
on the basis of being faithful to the original works, the scriptwriter shows his own values into
the positive plots that are preferred by contemporary audiences in the adapted scripts