Analysis of the Accuracy and Comprehensiveness of Art Design Evaluation Methods

XuSheng Xie ,Ek-karach Charoennita
Keywords: Art design、Evaluation method ,


Art design evaluation is based on the needs of people and society as a scale, examines
the creative process of design, analyzes the relationship between design language and the
environment, the relationship between design language and thought, the relationship
between design form and meaning, and reveals the relationship between design and people
and society. The main role of art design evaluation is to guide and build future
designs.present, there are many methods of art design evaluation, and there are some
advanced research results in the world. However, little research has been done on the impact
of different types of meter evaluation methods on the results of art design evaluation. This
paper adopts the literature analysis method, according to the existing art design evaluation
research, Include the research scope, research object, and the evaluation result analysis and
comparison. This study summarizes the current design evaluation schemes, and studies the
accuracy and comprehensiveness of the results of different types of design evaluation