Research On the Development of Chinese Chorus Art In Contemporary "Fast Food Culture"

Mr.Muqing Li ,Jaipak Burapajana
Keywords: chorus art; fast food culture; aesthetic form; cultural industry ,


The focus of this study is to clarify the influence of fast-food culture trend on the
future development of Chinese choral art, and the factors motivating the combination of the
fast-food culture and Chinese choral art. Under the combined effect of aesthetic form,
cultural environment, commercial conditions and many other factors, the development of
Chinese choral art has been rapidly moving closer to the "fast food culture". Through
analyzing the infiltration links of fast-food culture, the author formed some views on the
current situation and structure of Chinese cultural industry, the actual influence of the
diversified fast-food culture and so on and collected the data of relevant research
participants by using the method of mixed research. These conclusions greatly promoted the
researcher’s in-depth analysis of the future development of Chinese choral art, and provide
rich strategies for effectively promoting the benign development of choral art.