Analysis On The Current Situation And Countermeasures Of Piano Teaching In Normal Universities In China

Li Lin ,Natcha Techaaphonchai
Keywords: Normal university, piano teaching, current situation analysis, countermeasure research ,


As the national “Double Reduction” policy for compulsory education students and the
reform on the curriculum of art are carried forward, music education major in normal colleges
and universities who is aimed to provide art teachers for compulsory education is confronted
with the big development opportunities and challenges. To seize the opportunities,
improvement of music teaching quality in normal colleges and universities is a prerequisite.
Piano teaching constitutes an integral part of music teaching. Piano teaching quality has
connection with music teaching quality. This research adopts qualitative and quantitative
research methods, with the piano teaching teachers, administrators and music education
students from five normal colleges in four regions, including South China, East China, Central
China and Northwest China, as the research objects. Through analyzing these data to find
out the lag factors affecting piano teaching to contribute to the reform and development of
piano teaching in China's higher normal colleges and universities.