Research on the contemporary inheritance of Guangdong Leizhou music in colleges and universities

Ms.Yuan Li ,Palphol Rodloytuk
Keywords: Leizhou music;higher education; inheritance and protection; innovation and development ,


Leizhou music is the local folk instrumental music of the Leizhou Peninsula in
Guangdong Province, China. After thousands of years of inheritance and development,
Leizhou's music has integrated elements of multi-ethnic cultures, eventually forming a
unique style and a variety of forms. With the impact of multi-culture, Leizhou music is facing
the awkward situation of having no one to inherit it. In order to further promote Leizhou
music culture, it is crucial to study the modernized dissemination of music culture and the
training mode of ethnic music talents in local colleges and universities. From the perspective
of artistic and cultural dissemination, this essay will study the mode of dissemination and
development of Leizhou music in local colleges and universities, using quantitative and
qualitative analysis, in the hope of better transmission and innovation of local folk music.