Iranian Involvement of Rising Political Violence and Terrorism in Yemen

Abdulrahman Al-Fawwaz ,Abdallah S. Abualkanam
Keywords: Iran, Political Violence, Terrorism, Yemen, Gulf Countries. ,


The study focuses on Iranian involvement in Yemen to achieve its political and economic ambitions. Since Iran has been under economic pressure for years, it has tried to create instability in the Gulf regions and other Arab countries by rising political violence and supporting terrorist group. The study aims to explore the reasons for Iranian intervention in Yemen, identify the factors that contributed to Iran's control of Yemen, and evaluate the level of influence caused by the Iranians on the Yemeni state. The result of the study shows that Iran has succeeded in its hegemony in Yemen, after Houthis group have access to power. Iran seeks to control the strategic border crossings in the southern Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf by supporting the Houthis and keeping them in power. The Gulf States are aware of the Iranian threat in the region, and have taken the necessary military measures to curb Iranian ambitions, which spent billions of dollars on an Open War in Yemen. This military spending can use for economic development instead provoking political violence and terrorism in Yemen and the region by Iran.