Review of the Relationship Between Organization's Sobriety and Gaining Competitiveness Advantage in Elementary Schools

Salam Abduljaleel Alramdhan
Keywords: Competitive advantage, organization's sobriety, Management accounting techniques, Private elementary schools ,


The present study is descriptive-survey in terms of data collection method. A researcher made questionnaire in the form of Likert five-choice questions was used to collect data. The statistical society of the present study is made from some teachers and principals of public and private elementary schools in Baghdad with a total of numbers of (350) people. Based on Morgan's table, a sample of (188) people in the study was selected using a simple random method to participate and answer the questionnaires. Descriptive and inferential statistics (confirmatory factor analysis and Friedman tests) were used to analyze the data. Based on the research results, there is a positive and significant relation between the two variables of competitive advantage and organization's sobriety. The research results show that the independent variable is able to explain and change the independent variable by (0.8). Also, according to the research results, in the competitive advantage section, the variables of social responsibility, resource management, distinction strategy and cost leadership strategy have the first to fourth ranks, respectively, and in the section of organization's sobriety, activity-based management variables, and key performance indicators, total quality management, balanced scorecard and benchmark were ranked first to fifth. Finally, in order to make better use of organization's sobriety to gain a competitive advantage, it seems necessary to review the management structure of private elementary schools.