Youssef Al-Hakim, Minister of Justice (acting) from 1926-1928

Haidar mhhde taoek Al-Atabi ,Prof.Dr: BAYDAA ALLAWI SHAMKHI AL-SHUWAILI
Keywords: Al-Hakim, Ministry of Justice, Mandatory Authority, Government, Court of Cassation ,


Yousef Al-Hakim took over the reins of the Ministry of Justice acting three times from 1926-1928 during the reign of the Damad Ahmad Nami, President of the Syrian government

Many reasons led to the assumption of reins of these ministries by Al-Hakim, the first of which was the competence and professionalism of Al-Hakim, as an experienced and professional judge, as well as his strong relationship with (Damad) Ahmed Nami, who is the brother-in-law of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II, and also wanted the French Mandate Authority to establish a (sectarian) system in Syria based on sectarianism and regionalism, and considering Yusuf Al-Hakim as an Orthodox Messiah from Lattakia, these tasks were entrusted to him.

Al-Hakim worked during his years of service  on the enactment and legislation of a number of laws, as well as arranging the conditions of the ministerial house and its departments, despite the difficulties they faced during that period, from changing the High Representative in Syria to igniting revolutions and uprisings against the Mandate to a partial change in the government more than once.