Geographical Distribution of the Grain Milling Industry in the Province of Babylon

Khitam Hani Mohamed ,Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed Hassan Al-Shamry


The grain milling industry (flour industry) is one of the main branches of the food industry sector, and it is one of the important industries. The grain milling industry facilities vary in terms of their location among the administrative units distributed over (7) administrative units within the four districts of Babil Governorate, which was 21 industrial facilities. Hilla district comes first in the number of establishments with reached (16) facilities distributed over (2) administrative units in Hilla district for the year 2022, while the second rank comes from Hashemiyah and Musayyib districts with (2) industrial facilities for each. There are (4) administrative units in the district of Al-Hashemiah and Al-Musayyab. The third and final rank is the Al-Mahaweel district with one industrial facility in the center of Al-Mahaweel district only, and Al-Mahaweel. While the other administrative units lack this industry, despite the natural geographic elements that the province of Babylon enjoys in terms of its location in central Iraq and its area (5119 km 2) besides the human ingredients in terms of its population, the provision of manpower, and the existence of a transport network linking the parts of the province with each other. It links the governorate with other governorates, but it faces many obstacles and problems.