Legal Protection Support to Local Product Commercialization Based on Local Wisdom and Innovative Advantage in Order to Export

Endang Purwaningsih
Keywords: legal protection, local products, local wisdom, innovative advantage. ,


This research is based on the analysis and deepening of the material from January 2020 to April 2020, is the idea of ​​the author as a researcher who has accompanied local product producers in the research area, especially in local product enclaves which are all in the form of MSMEs, since 2012-2013 (about traditional Indonesian research knowledge), 2014-2016 about herbal products in Central Java and East Java, Indonesia, 2017-2019 about local traditional food and beverage products in ‘Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta’ (DIY), Central Java and East Java, Indonesia and currently 2020 still accompanying the research area plus West Java.

This research is combined method between a juridical normative research and quantitative research, with literature studies and various previous research reports both by researchers and other researchers, using the statutory approach (statue approach) and sociological approach (sociological approach), as well as the deepening of research material by interviewing MSMEs and their leaders. The quantitative study involved 102 sampling of MSMEs in Yogyakarta and Pekalongan.

The results showed legal protection support and local policy support significantly influenced product commercialization and innovative advantage. Theoretically, this research provides insight into the product commercialization as mediator variable. With these findings, it is expected that significant support will emerge from the government as a regulator, academics as a educator, the private sector as a catalyst, and the community as a driver for the development of law literacy as MSMEs in Indonesia.