Use of Electronic Discourse in International Treaties Extracted

Mohahmmed Salman Mahmood ,Mohammed abdulkareem salim ,Mustafa Razzaq Hussein ,Mushtaq Talib Naser ,Mohammad Kadim Hamza
Keywords: Corona pandemic, electronic, international ,


Developments in the international arena and technological progress have become an urgent need to use electronic communications and transactions, especially in light of the spread of pandemics and emergency circumstances, so we find it necessary to enter technology into international law and sign agreements and find this has applications in UN resolutions in the use of electronic communications in commercial contracts and therefore future work in the field of e-commerce, methods of international signature and documentation, Therefore, we will address the international conventions and their signature and the impact of technology on them, especially in light of the Corona pandemic and the change in all levels and the impact of legal systems and their shortcomings in the face of the new need, we will discuss in our research on international conventions and the use of electronic mechanisms in their signature or the use of E-learning  communications between members and the legality of these mechanisms as an alternative to reality while studying the legal texts of this and solving the related problems and the statement of international legislative deficiencies.