LAW ENFORCEMENT POLICY Narcotics Crime in Indonesia

Zainab Ompu Jainah
Keywords: Law Enforcement, Narcotics Crime, Addicts ,


Narcotics crime is always interesting to study and discuss, because the development of this crime revealed by researchers, not only occurs in groups of men, but also women, children, adolescents and the elderly, has become part of narcotics crimes. this. The findings of researchers in California (Anglin, 1988) and Iavchunovskaia in Russia (2009), can be used as a comparative study in the subject of this research, which can be used as solutions and motivations for law enforcement officials and related institutions, to take firm and constructive action in dealing with narcotics crimes and rehabilitation institutions appointed by the government, must be serious and sincere in rehabilitating narcotics addicts in Indonesia. Besides that. Indigenous peoples also have a very important role in educating the behavior of their citizens, in order to avoid narcotics crimes, through customary norms and religious norms which are the domain of traditional leaders and religious leaders in the community.