Position And Role Of “Kiai” In The Community Paternalistics In Indonesia

Binti Maunah
Keywords: “kiai”, community, paternalistic. ,


The modern world today is heavily colored by an unstoppable flow of global information around the world and the layers of society including paternalistic society. That information often keeps people away from Islamic values. Therefore, to protect the values of Islam in society, it takes the leader of Islam (Kiai) as a paternalistic figure. With the “kiai” it can be concluded, firstly, paternalistic society still desperately needs “kiai” as role model from religious, social, social, to domestic or household affairs. Society considers the “kiai” as the only party who can be a role model in the study of religious knowledge, and worldly issues. Secondly, the position of “kiai” in the cultivation of Islamic values ​​in paternalistic society is very central. Its position right in the middle of society, which is able to balance society in world affairs and hereafter. Third, the role of “kiai” in paternalistic society is as: (1) translator, interpreter, filterer, and facilitator of new values, (2) rhythm of development and sustainability of Islamic values, (3) scholars, educators, leaders, and (4) the source of social change (cultural broker), (5) social servants who seek to empower the community, and (6) the source of political learning and democracy.