The Influence of School Organizational Culture, Work Experience, and Compensation on Satisfaction, Work Motivation, and Performance of Senior High School Principals

Madyo Ekosusilo ,Sudharto
Keywords: School organizational culture, work experience, compensation, satisfaction, work motivation, performance. ,


The purpose of this study is to evaluate whether school organizational culture, work experience, and salary have an impact on the performance of a principal, either directly or indirectly (through job satisfaction and work motivation). They were 206 high school principals from the former Semarang Residency, who participated in the study. The research design used in this study was ex post facto. A questionnaire was used to gather information. The route analysis method was used to analyze the research data. According to the findings of the study, school organizational culture has a very significant impact on the performance of school principals, followed by job happiness, work motivation, compensation, and finally work experience in that order.