Research on Smart City Evaluation Based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs &SEM

Shuangshuang Zhang ,Haiyue Cheng ,Chenxi Liu ,Associate Professor Dr Noorliza Karia
Keywords: Smart City, Economic Status, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, SEM ,


The smart city differentiates itself according to the economic status of the country and the policies of the municipal government in question. When it comes to addressing the issues of urban evolution, urban depiction and scheme plays significant role in increasing the link between places and people, the urban shape and movement, among other things. The British Standards Institution defined as the best solution sharp solutions and ways that bestow the urban difficulties. Without taking the needs of their residents into consideration, most cities hastily adopt urban information technology after it has been established. This study has incorporated five needs of Maslow’s Hierarchy as independent variables. Self-Actualization Demands (SLAD), Physiological Demands (PSD), Social Demands (SOD), Safety Demands (SFD), and Esteem Demands (ESTD) are the independent variables. However, Evaluation of Smart Cities (ESC) is used as dependent variable. The data was processes on AMOS 26v. Furthermore, the results have indicated that there is some association