Organizational Ambidexterity As A Mediating Variable Between High Performance Work Systems And Organizational Performance Corrections In Indonesia

Kusmiyanti ,Hamidah ,Unggul Purwohedi
Keywords: high performance work system (HPWS), organizational ambidexterity, performance organizations , correctional facilities , prisons ,


Penitentiary ( prison ) and house state prison ( rutan ) continues experience enhancement over crowd from year to year . Comparison amount Among officer Correctional and Citizens built Penitentiary (WBP) becomes no balanced . Officer correctional have very important role in To do security and construction prisoners so that when free can Return to society . Destination study this for testing Organizational Ambidexterity as a variable that mediates High Performance Work System (HPWS) on Organizational Performance Directoral General Corrections in Indonesia. Study this use method study quantitative . Questionnaire used for collect data from 263 structural officials in prisons and homes overcrowded state prisoners in Indonesia. Modeling structural equation (SEM) and regression multiple used _ for analyze data. Research Results show that Organizational Ambidexterity as a variable that mediates HPWS on