Service Sabotage: A Study of Antecedents Among Home Spa Therapist In Indonesia

Tri Siwi Agustina ,Raden Khairunnisa Thifal Nabila
Keywords: Customer Mistreatment, Psychological Contract Breach, Service Sabotage, and Emotional Intelligence. ,


This research aims to examine the impacts of customer mistreatment and psychological contract breach by using emotional intelligence as the moderating variable. This research was conducted in Home SPA startup, Ayra Home SPA. This SPA provides massage services and SPA on-demand to where the customers live. Ayra Home SPA has been running since 2018 to help reduce fatigues because of work as well as tiredness because of taking care of children at home, to help giving treatment before the wedding, and to provide other decorative treatments. The researcher used a survey method with 60 therapists of Ayra Home SPA Surabaya as the respondents. This research was explanatory quantitative research by using online questionnaires of Google Form as the data collection technique. Partial Least Square (PLS) with using software PLS version 3.2.9 was applied to analyze the data of the research. The result of this research showed that customer mistreatment and psychological contract breach significantly impacted service sabotage, emotional intelligence moderated and significantly impacted customer mistreatment toward service sabotage, and emotional intelligence did not moderate psychological contract breach toward service sabotage.