Acceptance of risk as a means of driving medical liability in non-therapeutic businesses

Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-Qaisi
Keywords: Acceptance of risk, medical civil liability, plastic surgery. ,


The aim of the research is to clarify and demystify the idea of risk acceptance as a means to advance the medical civil liability in cosmetic operations, and to indicate whether acceptance of the risk is required to be issued by a person of a certain age, or that mere knowledge of the risk in cosmetic operations is considered an acceptance of it and thus the possibility of paying the medical civil liability that It is based on it , and based on the above, the researcher reached a set of results, the most important of which is that cosmetic operations may be therapeutic and may be ameliorative, and this classification has a role in determining the impact of accepting risks on this medical procedure. Because it is a valid acceptance of a legitimate procedure, but if the surgery is ameliorative, there is no room to say that the risks are accepted because the intent of the treatment is not available, which results in the expected benefits not being proportional to the expected harms . its terms and conditions, and considering acceptance of the risk as a means of paying the responsibility of the attending physician.