(Reflection on Permendikbudristek No.30 of 2021 About Prevention and Treatment and Sexual Violence)

Endang Pasaribu ,Debby. S. Tendean ,Merri N. Situmorang
Keywords: Prevention,Sexual,Violence,Higher Education ,


Permendikbudristek no 30 of 2021 is the most important thing that must be responded positively by all universities, both public and private universities in Indonesia, from universities to theological colleges without exception. The public and private sectors have become a public debate that never ends. Slowly but surely, cases of sexual violence that occurred in several campuses were revealed one by one. for perpetrators and firm action from the security forces. Sexual prevention efforts that have been carried out so far have turned out to be less than optimal, it seems that they need firmness and complete and thorough resolution. The purpose of this study is to explain how to take concrete steps to prevent sexual violence. This research uses normative research methods using case studies. The legal source used is Permendikbudristek No. 30 of 2021. While the object of research is Efforts to prevent sexual harassment and violence on campus (Reflection on Permendikbudristek No. 30 of 2021 concerning Prevention and Handling of Sexual Violence And the results of the study found that Permendikbudristek No. 30 of 2021 as an appropriate, definite and progressive first step by many parties to the high level of sexual harassment and violence in universities and colleges to prevent sexual harassment and violence which is able to change the paradigm of harassment and violence. sex from private to public.