Urban and planning problems for the residential sector (A study of the cities of the Hashemite district in Babil Governorate)

Heba Abbas Malik Al-Ghayyad ,Prof. Dr. Amer Rajeh Nasr Al-Rubaie


This study was concerned with the study of the residential sector of the cities of the Hashemite district located in the southern part of the Babil governorate, as the residential sector is one of the developmental sectors that are related to the life and stability of the population and is one of the elements that greatly influence the formation of the city, which shows its repercussions on all urban, social, economic and service aspects. The study dealt with the residential sector and the urban and planning problems related to it by studying the population and its growth and analyzing the urban characteristics to reveal the problems that the cities of the study area suffer from and to develop appropriate solutions to get rid of them. The study relied on the descriptive and analytical approach and using the field study. The study also showed that the cities of the study area suffer from a number of problems, including those related to urban aspects such as urban wear and tear, random housing and urban encroachment, and problems related to social aspects such as housing ownership, housing change and housing fragmentation. And one of the most importantreasonsThe emergence of these problems is the weakness of planning and the weakness of the state in taking decisive measures in finding solutions, providing and developing services, and working to build horizontal and vertical housing complexes that contribute to improving the reality of the housing sector in the cities of the study area.