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Vol. 15 No. 1 (2022): issue-1-june-2022

Two Enrons for Rescuing Enron in Lucy Prebble’s Enron

Ahmed Hasan Mousa

One of the rare plays of the twenty-first century to shed lights on the biggest financial crisis and eventual fall of the American energy corporate Enr

The Fate of Bilateral Investment Treaties during Armed Conflict - The Russia Ukraine Conflict Perspective as Per the International Laws


The aim of this explorative narrative study is to review the impact of bilateral treaties during an armed conflict with a focus on the Russia-Ukraine c

The Jurisdiction of The Supreme Constitutional Court in Relation to Disputes and The Formation of Parliament Under the Iraqi Constitution Of 2005

Mohammad Taha Hussein AL-Husseini

In most cases, the constitutions grant the constitutional judiciary jurisdiction in many areas, including its jurisdiction to consider and resolve disp

The Judicial System in the Federal State U.S as a Model

Mohammad Taha Hussein AL-Husseini

The judicial or the system of courts in the United States of America is characterized by duality, in the sense that there are two types of the judiciar

Wadi Al-Salam Cemetery - A Socio- anthropological Study in the City of Najaf

Salwan Fawzi Abd baqli Al-obeydi

The topic of the study revolves around the study of one of the historical, religious and cultural landmarks among the inhabitants of the Middle Euphrat